As a new fledging company in a relatively new energy technology, we understand the fact that renewable and sustainable electricity source is an absolute necessity for economy growth. Every rural community deserves this opportunity and that is what we offer.

Ibaka Solar Systems is a primarily rural solar company registered in Nigeria, West Africa, engaged in designing, marketing, and servicing a wide range of solar-powered equipment and installations for lighting, TV and radio, water pumping and purification, and many other applications.

We have quickly learnt that functionality and reliability of any technology is directly linked to consumer confidence, that's why we are big on customers training and scheduled maintenance of our installations. You will never be alone!

Each of our rural branches operates as an independent entity that can handle microcredit processing, units designing, installation and support.

Through our collaborations and partnerships with academic and financial institutions around the world, the estimated 100 million Nigerian population who are either off the grid or have intermittent electricity supply will be served.

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