Solar Modules Design, Installation and Maintenance.

We work with our customers to design systems that complement their buildings designs and yet satisfy their electricity needs. Installations are done by our trained technicians. Customers are trained at site with the aid of printed materials and are provided with a service hotline. Our technician will make scheduled maintenance visits to keep the your system running.

Our typical photovoltaic or PV module can operate about 4 fluorescent lamps, a radio, a black and white TV and a fan. Our systems are modular and highly scalable.

We created local infrastructures for repair and effective service in case of any faults with the systems. You will not be left in the dark. Our service technician is a trained respectable member of your community.


Our systems are affordable to the primary target consumers. We have established relationships with Self Help Groups and local governments that purchase large quantities of our products for distributions to their members and citizens respectively at reasonable finance schemes they choose.

We also have a "lease to own" scheme in which the customers pay a small percentage of the cost of a system upfront and the rest is lent to him or her by their banks at a competitive market rate.

We welcome individuals, businesses and government institutions who are able to make outright purchase of their units.

Customization/design, installation, users training and units maintenance charges are packaged into a finance scheme or broken down as desired by the customer.

Organizing Awareness Campaigns.

We realize the personal health hazards of the commonly used sources of lighting system by our target population, the kerosene lantern, and the impact on our environment. We also know that extra business hours provided by clean lighting systems means increased revenue which translates into community growth.
Nigeria Solar company

Every rural school kid deserves a shot at the twenty first century education system that relies largely on infotech and be able to do their home-work under a clean light. The number one reason cited for the slow pace of technology in our country is lack of infrastructure and electricity supply ranks up there.

Trees will be saved by promoting solar cookers and all the greenery that make Africa what it is will be preserved for coming generations.
These are the ideals that run our business.


"A wealthy individual in the midst of impoverished thousands is poor". We fully understand this African saying and that our company will not grow if our customers can not. This is why we offer our consultancy services at no cost when they purchase our systems. We help them identify business opportunities in their localities that electricity power can generate.

For the existing businesses, we make recommendations during the design and suggestions for future expansion of the installed units to parallel their business growth.

Research and Development

Our partnership with both Nigerian and American academic institutions has allowed us to take advantage of low cost, durable and easily maintained products to our rural customers. Some components of our systems are locally manufactured and we believe that they will all be sourced here in Nigeria in the nearest future.

As the science and awareness of solar technology continue to grow, we will remain at the forefront.

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